Chinese summer camp




This program is ideal for parents who want to give their child a head start at becoming a global citizen by learning Mandarin in China! 

Not only will they be immersed in the Chinese language, but also its magnificent culture. There will be plenty of time for your child to practice their Chinese outside of class, socialize with other campers and locals, and go on once in a lifetime excursions. 

We specialize in educational environment, which is fun, safe, and motivating. Our full-time camp is best suited for 7 – 17 years old kids, and it is opened to all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Chinese summer camp


Chinese summer camp

At our camp your kids learn faster and with more fun.

That is because we consider learning Mandarin as an adventurous journey, and we make sure every kid enjoys the ride!

We will teach students our innovative Slow Motion Technique, a popular method at our school, which teaches Mandarin with just one rule instead of dozens.


Our teaching materials include our self-developed Magic Talking Cards, which will help campers recognize Chinese characters in a flash.

The real magic begins when they use our Magic Talking Pen that can read the cards aloud with a simple touch.

The Magic Talking Pen is a microphone too! It lets students practice their Chinese pronunciation.


Chinese summer camp

We make sure every child is both comfortable and well looked after.

For every five kids, there is one camp counselor. Our counselors are on duty 24/7 and can be reached at any hour of the day.

All of our camp counselors have years of experience working with kids, and some are even parents themselves.


The students will stay at a brand new campus, which makes for the perfect learning and leisure environment.

Every room is equipped with modern amenities. The indoor and outdoor facilities include a swimming pool, soccer field, basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, a gym, bowling lanes, pool tables, movie theatre, computer lab, and more. 

First aid and medical staff are available 24/7.


Chinese summer camp

All meals and snacks we provide are both healthy and tasty. We make sure each meal offers enough fruit, vegetables, and protein to ensure your child’s daily nutritional needs are meet.

Our aim is to provide campers with a menu that features food they are accustomed to, while also giving them the opportunity to try local dishes.

Please contact us if you have any dietary preferences and/or allergies.


The material our students learn in the morning is always put in to practice later in the day. 

Review sessions take place in a fun yet educational way, using role-play, games, presentations, videos, or music. Every Friday there is a wrap-up of the week’s lessons and a special activity to help students memorize and improve their Chinese language skills.

Most importantly, we organize daily activities on campus with local teens, so our students can practice what they have learned in real life!

Chinese summer camp


Chinese summer camp

Time to get to know China!

How to practice Chinese painting and calligraphy and what is so special about it? Surely everybody has heard of martial arts like Tai Chi, so now try it yourselves!

The city of Shanghai and its surrounding famous Water Towns will leave your kids astonished. They will experience Shanghai’s amazing skylines at the world-famous Bund, the Pearl Tower, and wander through the historical Tianzifang with its Shikumen. 


Our teachers are the backbone of our institute and make it what we want it to be. Based on their long experience and their students’ feedback our innovative teaching methodology came to light.

All our teachers are native to China and bilingual. They have a University degree in Chinese and their major is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.

They all have ample teaching experience, and are passionate about the Mandarin language.

Chinese summer camp


Our campers will have the opportunity to experience one of the most important aspects of Chinese culture: Kung Fu.

Masters will teach the campers the ancient art of Kung Fu immerse in the nature of Wudang.

Besides kung fu, they will have the chance to practice others Chinese art, like calligraphy and painting, and will live 5 days fully immersed in the Chinese culture and history.

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Our three week Summer Camp program runs from June to August. Please contact us directly for more information on dates and prices. We also offer tailor-made programs if you would like your child to attend Camp at another time of year.

Starting dates:
– July 6th
– July 27th
– August 17th

Early bird discount (sign up before January 1st): 10%
Early bird discount (sign up before March 1st): 5%

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