Business meetings

This session details out everything you need to know about your first business meetings. What is the best time to have your first meeting, how to introduce yourself? How to dress, how to shake hands, how to exchange name cards, which gifts to bring? After this session you are ready to go for your first business meeting in China!

Business relations

To establish a business relation in China is quite different from the way this is done in the west and it takes much more time. In this session we take you through the whole process and make you familiar with its most important steps like, entertainment, Chinese-style wine-drinking, chopsticks, smoking and presentation of gifts.

Personal relationship

It is important to understand the full meaning of relations in China when doing business. This session explains the various relationships, like relationship with a boss versus subordinates, relationship with your colleagues, your customers and with government. Closely related to this is the typical Chinese 'face'.


It is often heard that Chinese people negotiate literally about everything. How do Chinese people negotiate then? What do you need to know before you walk into negotiations with Chinese companies and Chinese government? This session unveils to you all of the secrets of negotiating with Chinese people.

Life & Beliefs

Chinese people

What are the basic characteristics of Chinese people? How do they look upon life, what is important for them and where do they differ from western people? What are the cultural and historical reasons behind this? Learn how to understand Chinese people and live in harmony with them.

Taboos in China

Can I send apples as a gift to my friend in hospital in Shanghai? Which end of the chopsticks should I point towards my Chinese customers? This session will show you a variety of Chinese taboos and reveal the reason behind them so that you will never be caught out!

Traditional medicine

Voodoo or science? What is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine? How is the Five Element Theory (Water, Metal, Fire, Wood and Earth) applied into real life practice? Can we juist stick in the acupuncture needle anywhere into your body? This session answers these and other burning questions on Chinese Medicine.

Beliefs & philosophy

This session starts by showing you how ancient Chinese people saw and understood the world and then continues to explain how those ancient philosophies affect modern China. Philosophies being revealed are Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and some other local religions.

Culture & History

Welcome to China

This session provides a general introduction to China. It makes you familiar with its geography, population and ethnic groups, the Mandarin language and its dialects. It also reveals the highlights of China’s culture and history. After this session you surely want to learn more about China!

Chinese history

The Roman Empire lasted 500 years. The Chinese Dynasties lasted over 2.000 years! You can imagine the cultural richness and diversity of such a long history, still visible in nowadays China. Silk Mandarin loves to take you back into time and guides you through the breath taking history of China.

Chinese wedding

As family is so important in China all Chinese have this wish: to get married! How exactly does this work in China? How do they prepare for their wedding? What do the bride and groom wear? What ‘games’ do they play during the wedding? What is “Nao dongfang”? In this session, you will learn all the interesting traditions about Chinese wedding

Ancient architecture

Why did ancient Chinese people put animal sculptures on rooftops? And why is it that the only place you can find 9 animal sculptures in China is the Forbidden City? In this session, we will show you everything about ancient Chinese architecture from the cities to (door) thresholds.

Chinese (Martial) Arts & Festivals

Yin-Yang and Tai Chi

Where does Yin-Yang originally stems from and why is it still important today? Learn all about Yin-Yang and how this ancient philosophy is applied to martial arts. You can also get the chance to practice Tai Chi with a master

Painting and Calligraphy

Why is calligraphy considered the highest art form in China? This session will reveal the answer to you and show you the unique aspects of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Understand the theory now? Then it is time to practice some calligraphy yourself and this session gives you the chance to do so!

Traditional Festivals

Why do Chinese people race dragon boats? Why can't people eat warm food on Tomb Sweeping Day? You can find out all kinds of fun stories and customs about Chinese festivals.

Characters and Literature

Why did ancient Chinese people write on turtle shells? This session will show you all the history about Chinese characters and explain why we say "Ancient poetry - the best way to understand Chinese culture”.


Life in Shanghai

Shanghai = Typical China? We will explore this extraordinary city with you, make you feel the Shanghai “buzz”. We take you to the historical Shikumen, wander through Shanghais beautiful parks, we will take you shopping in its extravagant super modern malls and may end up having a drink in one of the famous clubs at the Bund. After this session you can judge for yourself: Shanghai = Typical China?

Shanghai museum

Why do Chinese people worship jade? What is the difference between porcelain and pottery? And why is China the only country that had porcelain? There is no better way to experience traditional Chinese culture than taking a tour in the Shanghai Museum with our teacher!

Shanghai food

Have you already tried the famous 'Xiao Long Bao'? Its name literally means "the small bread basket", in reference to the small baskets of bamboo or bread are served. And have you already tried the 'Hong Shao Rou', red braised pork? This class will teach you everything you need to know on the typical Shanghainese food, its history and the best places to try these dishes!

Shanghai Qipao

Probably you have already seen these beautiful dresses in colored silk, called "Qipao". Do you know that they originated in Shanghai? They became popular during the 20's. But do you know when these dresses have had their "golden age"? And do you know that these dresses are returning popular today? Learn all about this magic dress, also called "the arch in bright sky between the earth and the Paradise".

Activities & Fun

OUR Activities:

Join our monthly activities to feel and taste the real China! We take you to the Yellow Mountains, Suzhou’s Gardens , Hangzhou’s West Lake and many many more breathtaking places. To feel the heat check out these pictures….