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The best way to start your Mandarin journey is to join our 4 Workshops. They have been designed to make you familiar with the basics of Mandarin while at the same time presenting to you the heart of Mandarin in all its beauty. And all of this in less than 8 hours! Indeed your first sweet taste of Mandarin.

  • Game of Tones

    Game of Tones

    In this workshop we make you familiar with the pronunciation of Mandarin in all its aspects. We first introduce Pinyin to you, then we explain how to pronounce the different categories of letters and syllables, and last but not least we gonna practice Mandarin's infamous tones!

  • Hack Hanzi

    Hack Hanzi

    Chinese characters (Hanzi) are formed according to a logical and beautiful system.In this workshop our teacher will show you various ways to learn and memorise Chinese characters. She will show you that learning characters is not only not as hard as you might think but, moreover, also good fun!

  • Slow Motion Technique

    Slow Motion Technique

    Now that you can understand and utter some words, read some Hanzi, it is time to combine words into a proper sentence and express yourself like a native Chinese. In this workshop we will introduce to you our groundbreaking Slow Motion Technique. It indeed teaches you Chinese grammar with just ONE rule instead of dozens, and which student wouldn’t love that?

  • Culture Check

    Culture Check

    This fascinating workshop reveals and explains the ancient roots of Chinese culture to you. It also shows how strongly Chinese culture still steers the behaviour, manners and etiquette of Chinese people. But the workshop doesn’t stop there. Most of all, it supplies you with indispensable do's  and don'ts for your daily life and your business career. Don’t miss it!

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