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In our News Room you can find all the latest news that you may need for your study or your life in China. We categorised it in Work & Live in China, Courses & Camps, Videos & Materials, Campus & Promotions.

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Do you want to know more Chinese buzzwords or daily expressions? Are you interested in learning more about one of China's national festivals? Our Blog Library makes sure you will easily find what you are looking for.

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Our Video Store displays our video learning materials. You can purchase them directly or have a preview first.
  • HSK1 Video Course
  • Practice Pinyin Video Course
  • Slow Motion Technique Course
  • Bridge Course between Classroom and Real-life
  • Game of Tones Course
  • Magical Talking Cards

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You need a visa or want to know how to find proper accommodation? You want to know how to get around in China, how to pay? Or you just want see from which country your classmates will be or how long it takes to become fluent? Our FAQS provides you with all the answers.
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