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Join SILK's Chinese New Year Party At W Hotel in Suzhou!

Jan.20, 2021

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Chinese New Year is around the corner!

It's time for us to say good bye to the 鼠年 (shǔnián/Year of Mouse) and welcome the brand new 牛年 (niúnián/Year of Ox)!

No matter how you have be doing in 鼠年,  let's leave all those memories to the old zodiac, and leap into the fresh Chinese New Year cherishing full hope for the future!

To have a great celebration of 牛年 together, Silk Mandarin sincerely invites you to join our Chinese New Year Party on 30th January in W Hotel of Suzhou.


What will be going on at the party?

17:20-18:00  Check-in & Socializing

18:00-18:10  Welcome Greeting

18:10-18:25  Open-Mic
18:25-19:15  Dinner
19:15-19:25  Lucky Draw - round 1
19:25-20:00  Games
20:00-20:30  Lantern Making
20:30-20:40  Lucky Draw - round 2

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Dress Code

Chinese elements (but not compulsive)


Buffet at the Kitchen Table | W Hotel

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How Can I Learn Chinese Online

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