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Join Our Online Chinese Autumn Camp for Golden Week!

Sep.23, 2021

As the new semester began earlier this month, have you again started to be concerned about your kids' progress in Chinese language skills?

It's been 1/2/3… years since they started to learn Chinese in school, but how often do you see them using Chinese in daily life? Have you ever heard them talking about their Chinese class with great excitment?

The best opportunity in their life to learn this language is when they are still young. Don't miss the chance!

It's time to try something new.

2021's Golden Week is coming! Silk Mandarin invites kids of different Chinese levels to join our Online Chinese Autumn Camp and find a passion for Chinese with us!

Where to Study Chinese Language Courses

The Online Autumn Camp lasts from October 2nd to October 6th. One lesson (45 mins) per day. The lesson will finish by around 10 o'clock each day so you can still plan family activities for the rest of the day.

The camp is conducted with small groups of 3-5 students. We made this Autumn Camp online to allow more kids to seize their fragments of time to kindle their interest in learning Chinese while travelling.

The Autumn Camp is open for both Elementry Level (YCT - Book 2) and Intermediate Level (YCT - Book6).

Each lesson is designed with various interactive games on our professional online platform, so the kids can be maximinly encouraged to practice Chinese communicative skills on this holiday.

Join Our Online Chinese Autumn Camp for Golden Week!

Check out the specific schedule of the Online Autumn Camp

Join Our Online Chinese Autumn Camp for Golden Week!

Price of Online Autumn Camp:

899 RMB/student

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