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We are Looking for More Students for Chinese Group Class!

Jul.22, 2021

How is summer going so far?

If you are back from travelling already and still wondering what you should do next to enrich your free time in such hot weather, why not consider taking Group Mandarin Classes to keep cool and improve your language skill?

Silk Mandarin is enrolling Group Class students from both online and offline! We have group class for both Intensive and part-time schedules. Feel free to contact us to make your group study plan!

See the on-going Group Class schedules

We are Looking for More Students for Chinese Group Class!

If you are thinking about taking classes later this year, below is the Group Class Start Date in the rest of 2021:

August 2nd, August 30th, Oct 11th, Nov 8th, Dec 6th

Silk Mandarin offers both part-time (2-3 times/week) and intensive (Mon.-Fri./week) group class options. The tuition range is 100 - 120 RMB/Lesson depending on the package.

New Hsk

If you find it hard keeping your study with your previous 1 on 1 Chinese class, then why not give GROUP CLASSES a try?

Compared to studying with 1 on 1 class, group class is a much better way to:
1. Discipline your learning commitment
2. Keep your learning consistency
3. Maintain your passion for learning by interesting class interactions

All Group Classes of Silk Mandarin are standardized with:
√ Class set up
√ Learning material
√ Learning progress

All you need to do is to:
 follow the schedule
 make sure of your attendance
 leave certain amounts of your free time for homework and reviewing

If you can't guarantee 100% of your attendance, no worries! Silk Mandarin Group Class is also well prepared with supportive materials for students who have to miss the class to catch up with the class.

I Want to Learn Chinese in Chinese

Another bonus worth mentioning is that, many Group Class students in Silk Mandarin appreciate their class community a lot. All of their classmates and teachers create a strong bond which helps their Chinese study consistency.

Best Way to Learn Chinese

If you are only available to take 1on1 class, request your FREE TRIAL CLASS now!

Silk Mandarin will help you make the most suitable and efficient study plan according to your availability.

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