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We Moved Our Chinese Class to Football Pitch!

Sep.16, 2021

In September, Silk Mandarin took part in Suzhou Foreigner Football Association (SFFA)'s League with our sponsored team SIP Samurais on their Open Cup day!

We had a fantastic time enjoying the game, cheering for our team, making friends and playing many Chinese games with our players!

If you would like to follow more about SFFA's leagues and tournament, game schedules and results, find them on Enjore App!

We look forward to spending more lovely football time with our team in the future!

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As a Mandarin school, surely we won't miss this excellent opportunity to share some essential Football termonology with you so you can enjoy your football game to the next level during your stay in China!

Check out the football related words one by one:

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We Moved Our Chinese Class to Football Pitch!

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Silk Mandarin has many students who are passionate football lovers. They love playing football regularly. Some told us that they get to know many Chinese friends and even practice speaking Chinese by playing football together.

We show our support by sponsoring the team. We also believe in the power of passion. Once you find passion in what you do, you will definately try your best to complete it! This passion from football, can also be applied when learning Chinese, right?

加油 for SFFA and SIP Samurais !

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