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Silk Mandarin's Winter Camp is Enrolling Now!

Oct.22, 2021

It's time to plan the winter holiday for the kids!

I know many of the parents who are reading this article are also Chinese learners themselves, so I don't need to repeat myself by mentioning how "profitable" it can be if Chinese is mastered at a young age.

Silk Mandarin's winter camp now is open for enrollment! We welcome all the kids to join Silk Mandarin's 1-week Chinese Winter Camp to enhance their Chinese language skill, explore Chinese culture and not to forget make lots of friends as well as have fun in winter holiday 2021!

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It's common to see many international kids only take Chinese as a school subject, but hardly finding a chance to speak Chinese in an everyday situation. Being less practical and less fun equals less motivation.

How to encourage your kids to speak Chinese? It is not an easy thing to do within your family or your expat community. You need to explore more options! Silk Mandarin Chinese Winter Camp provides a natural, immersive and encouraging place for kids to speak Chinese.

Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Camp

The Chinese content your kids will learn in the morning is always put into practice later that day. Review sessions take place in a fun yet educational way, using Videos, Music, Role-play, Games, Presentations, etc to maximize the kids' curiosity and motivation to apply Chinese language in their daily life.

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During the Winter Camp, Mandarin learning will never be boring as the normal learning session are being combined with fun games, tasks, activities and not to forget real-life practice.

In the afternoon, a kid-friendly sport session and a Chinese culture experiencing session will be arranged.

The Winter Camp will be concluded in a happy and festive way with an evaluation of the kids' Mandarin skills, a Chinese handcraft show and a fun sports meeting. Parents and friends are very welcome to join in!

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Silk Mandarin's Winter Camp is Enrolling Now5

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We found many international kids in Shanghai haven't experienced the excitement of connecting to local life. I believe once they have embraced local life, they won't stop furthering their Chinese communicative skills.

Silk Mandarin would love to help your kids to find their connection with China! So our Winter Camp's Chinese course is based on the kids' communicative goals in their daily life. Once they finish the course, they will be able to handle the practical topics below in Chinese: 

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Silk Madarin for Chiense Learning

1. Learn the rules of sport competition

2. Improve alertness  & concentration abilities
3. Enhance decision-making skills
4. Experience Chinese handcraft and art

5. Strengthen teamwork skills

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Join Silk Mandarin Now for Chinese Learning

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Buddy Discount

If 2 students register together, they will get a discount of 5%;
If 3 students register together, they will get a discount of 10 %;
If 5 or more students register together, they will get a discount of 15%.

Early bird discount
Sign up beofore November 14th to receive an extra 5% off!

Free Trial Silk Mandarin's Winter Camp is Enrolling Now!
Silk Mandarin's Winter Camp is Enrolling Now!