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How an 8-week Part-time Chinese Course Can Change Your life!

Mar.22, 2021

After having stayed in China for a while, you can't avoid answering the obvious question:

"So, do you speak Chinese now?"

Want to Learn Chinese Language Online

Not so many can answer this question with a confident "YES". In most cases, the reason of postponing the study and wasting the best learning opportunity is "I am too busy".

Believe it or not, if you can invest only a small part of your spare time into learning Chinese, your progress will even surprise yourself!

After over 2000 students have enjoyed part-time Chinese courses with us with satisfying results, Silk Mandarin would like to give another shoutout to invite you to sign up for an 8-week part-time course with us. Make use of your stay in China to the fullest and polish up your Chinese life!

So, how can an 8-week these 36 hours make a difference to your life here in China?

1. Enrich your daily life!

I will give you just one example:

Picture that Chinese restaurant with a huge queue at the door that you have passed by many times, you were hesitating to try, but you didn't. Both the Character menu and the Chinese waiter/waitress are holding you back from trying it.

"Can I manage eating in a local Chinese restaurant independently and confidently?" Why not?! There are countless interesting Chinese restaurants with different cuisines booming in Shanghai, but unfortunately lots of them don't have an English menu. I'm sure you don't want to miss any of these taste adventures during your stay here, right?

8 weeks is enough for you to conquer all the communication challenges in the local restaurants. Furthermore, after 8 weeks, your comprehension of the character menu will also have improved significantly which will make you feel more comfortable dining in a local Chinese restaurant. At least, if you are a vegan, you are able to easily exclude meat dishes from your options.

2. Improve your work performance!

Compared to 10 years ago, mastering the Chinese language has become more and more of a necessary quality when you apply for a job in China. Besides this, you may also have found that your Chinese level is hindering you from performing to the very best at your current work.

You still can't be crystal clear about what's going on in your meeting with your Chinese clients, right? Are you always in need of an interpreter when communicating at work?

8 weeks study can help improve your professional performance efficiently! Guess what you can achieve through consistent part-time Chinese study:

  • Make a presentation of your product/service to your Chinese clients.

  • Directly talk to a Chinese factory to manufacture according to your needs.

  • Work with your Chinese team together with ease and adapt your business to well fit in the Chinese market.

Business-Chinese market

This is not made up! These are real examples that actually have happened with students studying at Silk Mandarin!

So, never think that gaining Chinese clients directly is too far fetched for you. All you need is a clear goal and plan, then stick to it! Seize 8 weeks to make your Chinese improvement visible!

3. Enjoy your traveling more!

The most valuable part of travelling is the cultural experience that you get from meeting interesting people during your journey, right? When travelling in different areas of China, have you actually enjoyed travelling to the fullest? How many times did you have to stop furthering the conversation with the lovely local people due to the language barrier? That's frustrating, isn't it?

8 weeks study can help you build up your conversational skill thus you can get to know more local friends via diverse conversations you are able to make.

At Silk Mandarin, we are always excited to listen to anecdotes from students when they get back from their trips. Some students became good friends with hostel owners in Moganshan. Some student got to know more types of tea than any of the Chinese teachers in the school…If you want to advance your enjoyment of your Chinese trips, make use of 8 weeks part-time study to get there!

The spring has brought vigour back to the city! Although not everything is perfect in this Post-Covid year, there is always something we can do to make the difficult also enjoyable, right? I hope that along with the resurgent life in the city your passion for China and its luring adventures have been rekindled.

So, why not seize your spare time to continue building up your Chinese language skills and make an everlasting change to your life, one you will never regret!

What is the Best Way to Learn Chinese Online

Silk Mandarin Part-time Chinese Program allows you to:

*choose the class duration: 8-52 weeks

*choose the learning intensity: 6-30 lessons/week

*choose the location: Shanghai, Suzhou, Online

*solve critical communication problems with your daily life, work and travel

Free Trial How an 8-week Part-time Chinese Course Can Change Your life!
How an 8-week Part-time Chinese Course Can Change Your life!