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How to Say Have a nice day in Chinese?

Oct.09, 2019

A lot of students have asked me when they left the class:

"How to say have a good/nice/lovely day or enjoy your weekend/trip… in Chinese?"

I still remember the first time when one of my students asked me this question and I couldn't answer him instantly. That's definitely a wake-up moment in my teaching career as I realized that some daily expressions like "have a nice day" are often used by foreigners, yet, this kind of expressions are neglected in our class and textbooks.

"Have a nice day" or "enjoy......" is a frequently spoken expression in English to conclude a conversation, but Chinese people will never say “祝你有美好的一天 (Zhùnǐ yǒu měihǎo de yìtiān)” or “享受你的周末(Xiǎngshòu nǐ de zhōumò)”.

So what will Chinese people say at the end of the conversation?

Instead of the general "have a nice day", Chinese people have more options based on the specific topics of the conversation they had.

I'll explain one by one below:

If you and your friend just had a nice catch-up talk, and now it's time to say goodbye, in Chinese you can say:


Bǎochí liánxi!

Keep in touch!


Xiàcì zài yuē/ zài liáo!

Chat next time!

If what you attended is a farewell meeting-up, in the end, you can say:


Yíqiè shùnlì!

All the best!

If your friend is going on a trip and will leave shortly, you can also add one:


Yílù píng'ān!

Safe journey!

If your friend tells you they are going on holiday soon, you can use:


Wánde kāixīn!

Have fun!

All these expressions you can use to end the conversation in a pleasant tone.

If your friend is telling you about some problems he is facing and he might need your help, or he is troubled with some health issues you can use these phrases to show your concern:


Yǒushì fā wēixìn (dǎ diànhuà)!

Send me a Wechat or call me when you need me!


Dāngxīn (bǎozhòng) shēntǐ!

Take care of your health!

You got what Chinese people say in another way when they say "goodbye"?

Practice and use them next time when you hang out with your Chinese friends!

have a nice day

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How to Say Have a nice day in Chinese?