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3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

Feb.10, 2022

As a Chinese teacher in Silk Mandarin I once believed that most expats in China were already learning Chinese. Surprisingly, however, I was told by some students recently that many of their friends have never tried to learn Chinese after living in China for such a long time!

It's 2022 now - do you still believe in the old expat rumour that "learning Chinese is very difficult (or even impossible)?"

I'm writing this article to tell you that things have changed.

3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

Many people thought that Chinese was difficult to master and this was mainly because of the old communication gap between China and the rest of the world. People in the past didn't know much about China, not to mention understanding how the Chinese language works! But after accumulating many years' of teaching experience, Silk Mandarin is confident to say that learning Chinese never is a dreary and hopeless job! Instead, once you unlock the principle, you can't help yourself falling in love with this captivating language.

I will explain to you how we "simplify" Chinese learning following next 3 aspects:


Slow Motion Technique

A ground breaking way to learn Chinese grammar

We have many students coming to us saying that they still can't speak in Chinese even though they remember all the words. They simply find it too hard to put the words into the right order and make a proper sentence, and this literally stops them from talking. Yes, they say there are too many grammar rules to remember, and no logic which helps them to see the bigger picture. But there is a logic! And we came up with it. It helps you to learn Mandarin with just one rule instead of dozens, and indeed boosts your speaking!

How simple it can be to learn Chinese grammar? Check it out in the video!

See? Just simply follow our one rule and you can start to speak instantly and always get the Chinese word order right!


Chinese Characters Are Actually Paper Tigers

Never believe the terrifying talk like "we only need 26 letters to communicate but they need to remember thousands of characters!"

3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

First, Chinese characters work completely different from the Latin alphabet. Every character contains meaning. To build a word, we normally just put 2 characters together. With your level getting higher and higher, you will have less and less new characters to learn to make new words.

3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

Yes! The growth of your vocabulary is much faster than characters! You can always build new words with characters you already know, which will save you loads of time to advance to a higher level.

I know that at the beginning of character learning, it can be challenging being faced with a bunch of strange stroke-made signs, but once you overcome it with the professional systematic guidance (of course you need to review after class!), you will tremendously benefit from Hanzi skills.

But how many characters on earth do you need to know to become literate in Chinese?

3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

According to the frequency analysis of Chinese characters, you only need around 1000 characters to cover more than 90% of the characters in Chinese newspapers, which is even less than HSK4 requires!

If 1000 characters is a too high target to reach, then try 149 characters! If you remember 10 characters every day, then it takes only two weeks to cover 50% of the characters in a regular article! That doesn't sound more difficult than any of your fitness program goals, right?


Find the Motivation to Keep Practicing Your Speaking

Speaking Chinese in real life is always an issue for students.

"People can never understand me." Or "They always use English to answer even though I spoke Chinese to them!"

Your Chinese audience may behave a bit reluctant when you try to talk to them. But much more important is your attitude here: don't give up easily when you decide to speak Chinese! In Silk Mandarin we always "force" our students to try their best to put what they have learnt into use. To do this, we really tried using different ways:

For beginner students, to help them overcome the fear of getting a confused Chinese face with a "tingbudong" response, we will take you out to experience your first try!

3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

For intermediate or advanced students, we find that students may be a bit hesitant to step out of their comfort zone and to enjoy the fun of talking in Chinese. So we build a "comfort zone" for them where they can practice and apply all those expressions which they thought were "too formal" to use. We have been building events like "Chinese Open-mic" and "Chinese debate" to invite students to freely present their Chinese speaking skill they have gained.

Everything starts from a first try. Practice makes perfect! Silk Mandarin always has the motivation that you need to keep practicing Chinese until it becomes perfect.

Over the years we have had many students going from scratch to their desired Mandarin level. Students from all walks of live, business people, housewives, students and more.  We witnessed some of them going within one year to HSK 5, others used 2 years to reach HSK 3, yes they all chose their own pace, but they all reached their goal!

What did they have in common?

It was not that they were so extremely talented, or that they had lots of time to study. What they all had in common was that they were all curious about China, they all wanted to communicate with their Chinese co-workers, their neighbours or start up their own business and, most importantly, they simply wouldn't stop until their goal was reached!

Our Slow Motion Technique, our clever products and dedicated team did the rest. You gonna be one of those students soon?

3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022

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3 Facts That You Must Know For Your Chinese Learning in 2022