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Get a Chinese Joke for April Fools' Day!

Apr.01, 2021

It's April 1st, 愚人节 / Yúrén Jié, time for a Chinese joke/riddle!

Try this on your Chinese friends, colleagues, or classmates, and let us know about their reaction!


Xīxuèguǐ xǐhuān chī là de háishì bú là de?
Do vampires like to eat spicy or non-spicy food?

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The answer is:




不辣的‼ / Bú là de‼ / Non-Spicy‼

Do you know why?

We know explaining the joke doesn't make it funnier but since we're not jokers but teachers we'll feel free to proceed anyway.

In China, some English language learners use Chinese characters to help them remember the pronunciation of English words. This isn't the most accurate way of learning English, but for learners who aren't (very) familiar with the Roman alphabet this is often the most user-friendly way. Hence the way they can remember the word blood is Bu(不)La(辣)De(的)!

Now go and find out if your Chinese friend, colleague or classmate will guess the answer to the riddle, let us know if they got it!

Welcome to share your favourite Chinese jokes with us!

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Get a Chinese Joke for April Fools' Day!