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How Many HSK1-3 Characters are in Jing'an Temple Metro Station?

Dec.04, 2019

Character learning can literally benefit your daily life in China.

Believe me, understanding all the characters around will definitely give you a brand new vision towards this city and this culture.

I'm writing this post to show you an example (I know some of you never try to read the characters even if you've passed HSK3):

Characters aren't just textbook knowledge. Characters are your daily life in China!

Metro stations aren't the perfect place to pick up or "review" characters as you can always be lazy with the English translation. I just want to remind you, make friends with the characters around you, try to read the signs, try to figure out the meaning of what you see. And one day you will find out that you can read more than what you ever imagined!

To those who have a bit of fear of this exotic writing system and have avoided learning them for years, I hope that through this article you will understand how close the HSK vocabulary is to (y)our life.

I just counted: on the main signs that I passed by when took the metro to my work just now, I noticed there are 31 HSK1-3 characters! Not to mention some smaller ones that I missed.

I've marked them in the pictures below. You can check them out one by one to see if it's true:

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Am I right? If you observe carefully, what you can understand definitely is more than you think!

In Silk Mandarin, one of the classic homework for students is: taking the picture of the characters that you know when you see them in daily life and share them in the class.

It is always encouraged and admired that our students have a strong motivation to apply Chinese in work and life every day!

Free Trial How Many HSK1-3 Characters are in Jing'an Temple Metro Station?
How Many HSK1-3 Characters are in Jing'an Temple Metro Station?