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How to Say Perfect in Chinese?

Nov.03, 2021

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Welcome back to our "How to Say … in Chinese?" series

Today, let's learn 3 ways to say "Perfect" in Chinese

How to Say Perfect in Chinese

完美 wánměi

完 is complete. 美 means beautiful. So 完美 literally means beautifully completed. For example,

There is no perfect person in the world. You are too demanding.
Shìjiè shang méi yǒu wánměi de rén, nǐ de yāoqiú tài gāi le.

How to Say Perfect in Chinese

正好 zhènghǎo

正好 means "just right". For example,

-Will 2.30 be OK for you?
-Perfect, thanks.
-2:30 你可以吗?
-Liǎng diǎn bàn nǐ kěyǐ ma?
-Shíjiān zhèng hǎo, xièxie.

How to Say Perfect in Chinese

太棒了!Tài bàng le!

棒 means "excellent". 太棒了 is a very common way to stress your postive tone in spoken language. For instance,

The weather is perfect! Shall we go to beach today?


Tiānqì tài bàng le! Wǒmen jīngtiān qù hǎitān, zěnmeyàng?

You got it?how-to-say-perfect-in-chinese-5.png

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