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New Year Resolution | Become Fluent in Chinese Within 1 Year!

Dec.08, 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Study in China

Merry  Christmas!

We almost survived 2021! The upcoming festive joy has started diluting the blues haunting everyone amid pandemic this year, hasn't it?

How has your 2021 been? I guess besides the new daily accessory - mask, everything remains in a classic Shanghai style, right?

Get up and go to work by scooter/bicycle. Buy a cup of coffee downstairs the office by scanning the QR code. Have an awkward lunch with Chinese colleagues and not quite catching up with their conversation. See the bars around the corner shut down and re-open for a couple of times...

Is there a moment in the situations above that you want your life a bit less "expat" and a bit more "local"?

I bet yes…Especially when the kuaidi guy calls you for whatever reason, when a popular restaurant you want to try only has Chinese menu and you're completely not sure about what is "zhe ge", "zhe ge", "zhe ge" that you just pointed at…More importantly, some of you even might have felt your Chinese level is a drag on your work.

So, why not seize this Christmas to "launch" your Chinese improving plan! In 2022, learn Chinese in a serious yet fun way!

But how to make a feasible and efficient Chinese learning plan? This is what I'm writing this article for!

Take a look at Silk Mandarin's intensive group Chinese course plan. Intensive means you take Chinese class 15 hours/week (3 hours/day). By following this routine, check what you can achieve within less than one year!

How Much Does It Cost to Study Medicine in China

But we also understand not all of you can always make it to have intensive course due to work or other plans. But even though some didn't have time for full-time study, for the previous years, Silk Mandarin has witnessed many students make a remarkable progress in improving Chinese from basic "0" to fluent level by sticking to a consistent Chinese learning plan.

Andrew Cap has set an excellent example! Believe it or not, Andrew now is an Internet influencer with almost 5 million followers on Douyin (Tictok in China). He shares his story and English learning tips to his Chinese fans and often communicates with them in Chinese!

Andrew Cap

"If you want to pretend to learn Chinese, buy some textbooks and 'study' at Starbucks or go to a school where you're listening to a teacher with 15 other students in the class and you never have a chance to speak. But, if you really want to learn to speak Chinese rapidly, try Silk Mandarin out."  - Andrew

We met Andrew when he barely spoke Chinese and it only took him 1 year to reach this fluency! When Andrew started learning Chinese, he had a full-time job in Shanghai so he never managed to take intensive group class. Instead, Silk Mandarin provided him with a tailor made study plan allowing him to attend various courses to meet his needs. He took the part-time group class (48 group class to finish HSK2) and private 1on1 class (80 classes for HSK3, 200 classes for HSK4, now almost accomplish HSK5 with 220 private classes planned).

We all look forward to the day when Andrew approaches the native level of Chinese fluency and become a young but strong bridge between the West and China.

Apart from your own passion for learning Chinese, we also strongly recommend you follow a scientific curriculum to maintain your motivation. We believe taking the HSK test regularly is a good way to keep your progress!

This is the HSK test dates overview for 2022. Take a look and make a plan for this year's Chinese learning↓


Over the years and also in 2021, Silk Mandarin has helped a lot of students efficiently achieving ideal above average high scores in their HSK test. We're very glad to witness our students increased language skills and taking their career to a new level with these satisfactory results.



Don't hesitate to contact us if you want more information about the course and the HSK test! Good luck with your Chinese learning in 2022! Look forward to receiving more exciting news from all of you!


Free Trial New Year Resolution | Become Fluent in Chinese Within 1 Year!
New Year Resolution | Become Fluent in Chinese Within 1 Year!